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  • Originally posted by entropy View Post
    non political question: Do any of you use a cloud back up for personal items (like photos, documents, etc)? If so, who do you recommend and how secure is the system? I'm looking for something with good accessibility as well... Looking for other thoughts than my own research..
    I tried OneDrive earlier this year and it drove me nuts. I can't speak to security, but in terms of ease of use, Google Drive and Dropbox were better.


    • What is a backup?


      • Michigan State University is one.


        • Originally posted by froot loops View Post
          After I finish up Rake, Burn Notice and Justified.
          Justified first.

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          • I'm on the last season of that.


            • Originally posted by froot loops View Post
              I'm on the last season of that.
              Meet an asshole in the morning...OK. Meet an asshole in the afternoon...OK. Meet assholes all day long? Odds are you're the asshole.


              • Ent...use Google Drive. Easy, secure and cheap
                Shut the fuck up Donny!


                • Originally posted by Wild Hoss View Post
                  Meet an asshole in the morning...OK. Meet an asshole in the afternoon...OK. Meet assholes all day long? Odds are you're the asshole.

                  I loved that line. So true and so well said.
                  To be a professional means that you don't die. - Takeru "the Tsunami" Kobayashi


                  • Originally posted by hack View Post
                    Point is it is possible to understand events and develop a well informed opinion about them at all levels. Not easy, especially for average man who may not look at multiple sources and critically exam them and maybe even more difficult for above average man who is doing that but is time constrained by work and has family responsibilities.

                    Pick and choose five, and, maybe yes. Pick another five on which you can be stale and still probably right. And, in some case, pick getting your facts straight or your underlying concepts, but not both. As an example, this week's Economist story on The Ambassador Bridge, to use a local/relevant case. Three factual errors, but they nailed the conceptual stuff.

                    IMO things have become incredibly complicated. We are foolish to think we understand any one current event and its underlying dynamics unless we are exposed to it and thinking about it on a regular basis and are regularly updating what we know and refining our conclusions. There's no dipping in for a quick immersion and coming out with lasting and accurate comprehension.

                    Which is why Wiz has the right idea. We should all find three indestructible punchlines and base all discourse on them.
                    You're basically talking about the devil being in the details. I agree.

                    I suspect we all have sorting and prioritizing mechanisms embedded in our brains that can put aside ET news, for example, and consider more important issues. This involves personal bias entering into the equation or, asking yourself to identify your global, national or local view as a filtering mechanism

                    Again, not easy but at any given moment there are a handful of both short term and long term issues that are key, maybe even critical, and the rest are not. Be able to sort and ID those, both short and long term and I think one is in pretty good shape to have an informed view at all levels.
                    On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


                    • Kris Kobach writes for Breitbart now (while still collecting a paycheck courtesy of Kansas taxpayers) and he says he has ironclad proof voter fraud is occurring by the thousands in New Hampshire. You see, around 6,000 people voted using an out-of-state driver's license as ID this past November. Of those, only around 1,500 have since gotten a New Hampshire driver's license.

                      Tha- that's the evidence.

                      Except there's nothing illegal about that. And state law allows a NH resident to have an out-of-state license. And college kids around the country frequently vote where they go to school rather than the state they are from.

                      Not going to link to his article but here's some background.



                      • The Raylan Givens quite applies to him.


                        • Kansas. Good place to test nukes.


                          • In news to interest Hack, Matty Maroun obtained a permit from the Canadian government to build a second span to the Ambassador Bridge.


                            It's hard to tell if this is real or not, maybe it's a sign he has given up the fight over the second bridge.


                            • "The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is sometimes hard to verify their authenticity." -Abraham Lincoln


                              • I am On Watch!

                                He'd have to tear down the Ambassador within five years, and has to put up a performance bond for the cost of doing so, so unless he's worth a lot more than Forbes thinks he is, he's basically staking his family's entire known net worth and then still more -- maybe a billion more -- to build a bridge that will have a quarter of the amount of traffic this one does. Plus, he's still got some permits to get on the US side, and a bit of land to enlarge the customs plazas, with is another condition.

                                I LOVE this story. It has everything.