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    Originally posted by chemiclord View Post
    Shame you didn't stick around, you would have heard what it was really about.

    "What was wrong with his hair? It looked like a swallow had tried to make a nest out of it, then gave up halfway through!"

    "I dunno. He's always been a strange one. Keeps staring at my sister's toy. You know, the one that looks like a pecker head."

    "You think he might be... one of those guys?"

    "Wouldn't surprise me. He looks like the sorta guy who has an insatiable thirst for cock."
    Sunday “brunch” coffee almost on the phone screen. Too funny.


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      Pro Tip:
      It may be time to quit drinking Whiskey Sours when you forget to separate the white from the yolk and add an entire egg to your shaker.
      I'm not saying I did this, but if I did... ;)
      I feel like I am watching the destruction of our democracy while my neighbors and friends cheer it on


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          Only ever started one thread in 11 years on this site, (that fuck’n died after a few short weeks) but I do love most of CGVT’s threads, highly entertaining and always venture to this site to make sure I’m not missing any gems like this thread.

          But I’m confused........ where is the:
          ”I couldn’t give one ounce of a flying fuck about the draft” thread?
          I ask CGVT in cinema guy voice......
          “Is this coming soon to the Deeeetroit Lions forum” ?