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U of M Basketball Recruiting Discussion

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Originally posted by hack View Post
    He's kinda the new Bobby Knight -- it likely takes a type to be interested and willing to endure Izzo's screaming. There's no glitz or fun to MSU.

    I agree, Hack. It seems the last couple of years Izzo's emotional demeanor has changed. He seems to rant, rave, scream, and whine with a painful look on his fact. At times, he does seem a bit out of balance. Maybe that will help M down the line.


    • Still. Tom Cream looks and acts like a complete dickbag and he's thriving.


      • Be quiet JD.. or his twin brother Tom Arnold will fart in your general direction ...
        I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


        • My 2nd paying "acting" gig was as an extra in a Tom Arnold movie. I don't think it was ever released.


          • Originally posted by *JD* View Post
            My 2nd paying "acting" gig was as an extra in a Tom Arnold movie. I don't think it was ever released.
            Give us the rundown on your career, that would be super cool to read.
            The Lions went 11-5 in 2014


            • We all should remember that Drake Harris will be on campus next year. While he may be here for football, he is a talented SG, and may eventually go out for the BB team. Izzo spent a lot of time recruiting him.

              I'd like to know more about Izzo being "blacklisted" by AAU coaches. I've not heard anything about this, but he is not recruiting nearly as well as he did 5 years ago.


              • Izzo is just surrounded by better coaches/recruiters at Ohio, Indiana, Michigan. Sparty probably has one last run in them this year before falling off. They needed a really good class in '14 and they aren't going to get it.


                • Drake Harris ain't playing bball.


                  • I would never say that Izzo can't coach. He's one of the top 15 guys in the nation.


                    • I didn't say Harris was going to play BBall, just that he able if he chooses. When Izzo was recruiting him Harris was viewed as a high 3*.


                      • It won't take much for Izzo to keep things going there.


                        • I don't see Sparty sustaining near the top of the B10 beyond this season, the talent isn't coming in like it used to and they'll lose a lot after this season due to graduation/defection to the NBA.


                          • the talent isn't coming in like it used to

                            That changes in a hurry. As we've seen in A2. I wouldn't write off Izzo. Even if he's got a team full of middling 3-stars, he'll punch above that weight.


                            • Short-term, I see Indiana, Ohio & Michigan ahead of Sparty. Yes, it could change in a hurry but they've yet to land a kid in '14 when they desperately needed impact talent in that class. They'll need a Kentucky like haul in '15 if they want to keep up with the top of the B10.


                              • What was Trey Burke rated when he came out of high school? Just curious.

                                Izzo and Michigan State will do fine as long as he decides to stay. There is plenty of fun and respect in Sparty land for their hoops team. Sure the young guys may not get Izzo's intensity immediately, but look at how much they respect him and the program when they are finished. All you have to do is take a look at the alumni game that was held last year. It's still a relevant program.

                                Now ... I, like many others, are a little mystified as to why he's been striking out lately. Interesting to read the black ball stuff regarding AAU. I'm clearly WAY out of my element here, but I did find it quite interesting to hear what Izzo had to say when Cliff Alexander suddenly said there was "no relationship" with MSU a couple of weeks ago. Izzo said recruiting in Chicago can be tough because of all the 'middle men'. Not sure what to make of that ... obviously Tom doesn't feel compelled to play ball the way other coaches do.

                                OK ... enough from me I'll let you boys have your forum back.
                                Forever One!