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  • i expect that Dr Buttlove's apology is coming forthwith


    • Fox News is showing a slight amount of backbone. A sign people are becoming less afraid of Trump's bluster?


      White House tried to Prevent Maria Bartiromo from Asking Anything About Trump's Attacks on McCain

      When Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo asked President Donald Trump about his repeated attacks on John McCain this week, the president bristled.

      When she pressed, Trump grew agitated. He attempted to dismiss the question, but Bartiromo persisted, noting the president himself reignited the feud with a dead man, and that his attacks on the senator do nothing to bring the country together. Trump eventually snapped at her.

      “You shouldn’t have brought it up,” Trump said, visibly irritated. “Actually, I thought you weren’t supposed to bring it up, but that’s okay, you know. Fake news every once in a while.”

      “It’s not fake news,” she shot back

      Fox News' John Roberts Calls Out Trump For Trying to Blame the Media For His Attacks on McCain

      In an interview that aired Friday, President Donald Trump railed against Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo for bringing up his attacks on the late former Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Trump accused Bartiromo of promoting “fake news.

      In a South lawn press briefing Friday morning, Trump appeared to retaliate by ignoring questions from Fox reporter John Roberts.

      Roberts explained that the President appeared to be mad at John McCain for reportedly spreading the Steele dossier ahead of the election. He noted that Trump seemed to be taking his anger out on him.

      “You heard the president said you were not supposed to bring it up, I thought. Maria Bartiromo insists there were no preconditions and didn’t have an agreement to not bring up anything with the president,” Roberts said.

      “Now it is true that the president was asked about this. He responded to a question that was asked on Tuesday in the Oval Office when he was there with the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, the president saying he was never a fan of John McCain nor would he likely ever be. But it was the president, Jon, who initially brought it up Saturday afternoon.”

      “It’s never a dull moment,” Roberts said about his coverage. “The president glared at me like he’s never glared at me before.”
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      • Mueller Report's been turned in to Barr. Prepare for a busy weekend.


        • Not a lack of taxation problem's a fucking out of control spending problem...always has been...
          Shut the fuck up Donny!


          • Originally posted by THE_WIZARD_ View Post
            Not a lack of taxation problem's a fucking out of control spending problem...always has been...
            And the sorry sack of shit you’d happily vote for again has no interest in confronting that. And discretionary spending isn’t the issue.


            • One of the London books has Mueller odds. 25-1 collusion, 5-1 unindicted co-conspirator, 2-1 unidicted financial crimes, 2-5 campaign collaboration with Russia.

              #MAGA -
              Morons Are Governing America


              • Man, I would take the 5/1 and 2/1 odds all day. That is some easy money.
                2012 Detroit Lions Draft: 1) Cordy Glenn G , 2) Brandon Taylor S, 3) Sean Spence olb, 4) Joe Adams WR/KR, 5) Matt McCants OT, 7a) B.J. Coleman QB 7b) Kewshan Martin WR


                • Fox News is showing a slight amount of backbone. A sign people are becoming less afraid of Trump's bluster?

                  Strange: You should force yourself to watch Fox more often. You would get actual news and not anti-Trump tripe every day, all day. Bartiromo's interview was tough and dealt with news items that are current. 67% of Democrats believe the Russians actually changed votes in voting machines. his could not exist were it not for the utter nonsense that CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC have promulgated over the last two years.

                  The great pity, expressed in the odds by the bookies, is that CNN is the voice of American news in much of the continent. Brits have not gotten a true story about what actually happened.

                  All that will happen is that Democrat drones (you included) will pivot to the SDNY investigation or to the Cyrus Vance silliness. You will continue to push "allegations". Never any proof, but the "allegations" will be breathlessly reported as fact, just as has happened in the last 2-3 years.

                  This has always been about crooked cops in the FBI and DOJ who tried to place their preferred candidate in office, and, failing that, they tried to drive the elected President from office. Ultimately, this is about the arrogance of power by an elite few.


                  • Fox is easily the network I see the most of (from clips to a few shows I will actually sit and take in). I watch absolutely no MSNBC and just a bit of CNN. By and large 24 hour news networks do more harm than help your intelligence and knowledge base.

                    Speaking of breathless allegations, haven't you proven in court yet that 5 million illegal aliens voted in the last election? It's been 26 months since this clown went on CNN and told them he'd be releasing the evidence of the massive voter fraud very soon...but he needed money to make it happen! This was a volunteer project! How much did you send him, Geezer? Looks like it wasn't enough


                    Kris Kobach had an opportunity to demonstrate voter fraud in a court of law and was such a pathetic failure that the judge ordered him to go take some remedial law classes. The voters of Kansas were so embarrassed that they'd been conned by this utter, utter loser for so long, they made sure to vote for a Democrat for Governor.

                    Meanwhile the only proven organized mass tampering of an election happened by Republicans in North Carolina.


                    • Since the "Look at all the red on this map!" thing has reared up again, I saw someone make this comparison and thought it was pretty brilliant.




                      • The EC definitely protects Republicans now. It was intended to protect states from other states, but states rigjts and state interests have, by and large, disappeared in favor of ethnic and economic interests now. Eliminating the EC is a very legitimate debate, albeit one that will be irrelevant once Texas becomes California 2.0.


                        • Joanne Cullen, 64, of North Bellmore, Long Island, wants to make administrators of St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery in Farmingdale pay for the horror she experienced in December 2016 as she visited her parents' graves. Cullen was reaching down to straighten a bow on a wreath when the ground opened up beneath her and a sinkhole "caused her to fall forward and smash her head on the tombstone," cracking a tooth, her attorney Joseph Perrini, told the New York Post. As Cullen sank, she grabbed the sides of the tombstone and yelled for help, but no one heard her. Cullen filed suit in March in Queens Supreme Court, asking for $5 million to overcome the nightmares and headaches she experiences, along with the fear of walking in open fields. "I will never go back there again," Cullen said. "Getting sucked into your parents' grave ... it's terrifying and traumatizing."

                          [New York Post, 3/16/2019]
                          #MAGA -
                          Morons Are Governing America


                          • Reports in a couple London newspapers that there's been a Cabinet coup against Theresa May demanding she step down as PM



                            • There is an item in the news today of a man on a nyc subway repeatedly kicking an elderly woman. The bystanders, many of whom were able-bodied men, just watched and filmed this on their phones.

                              How is this possible? How can we just film? What are we becoming?

                              And it's not just New York. A friend of mine is a fire chief at a decent-sized city here. He said one of the problems his firefighters face is clearing the people filming out of the way at medical emergencies, fires, car wrecks, natural disasters, whatever, where as before, people were actually trying to help the victims.
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                              "The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is sometimes hard to verify their authenticity." -Abraham Lincoln


                              • sterilization of millenials is the answer.
                                #MAGA -
                                Morons Are Governing America