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U of M Basketball Recruiting Discussion

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  • He's really, really good and will help M a lot as a true freshman. Much better talent than Hardaway Jr.


    • Please don't count out Tim Hardaway Jr's career at this point.

      IMO, the kid had a classic sophomore jinx. He's a very talented young player, and will have a much better year next year. Especially with the additional talent coming in around him.

      Oh, .. but wait ... we're losing Trey Burke.


      Get rid of Hardaway Jr. too ....


      • It sure would be nice to root for these guys for more than a year or two. I guess THJ will be the most senior non-gritty-white-guy-gamer we've had since....?....?


        • THJ will leave after his junior year and go undrafted.


          • Let us hope so.

            We sure can't use him here at Michigan.


            • I like Hardaway Jr. quite a bit, if he can improve his ball handling he'll have some success in the NBA. Robinson III is a lot better talent and I say that only as as a compliment to Robinson than a dig at Hardaway Jr.


              • I loved watching GRBIII in the ESPN game, he was the best player on the court. I also really liked Wisconsin's Sam Dekker. Dekker looks to be a tougher Gordan Hayward (race comparison, it really does happen all the time!). Iowa's Mike Gesell (ESPn top 100) looked really good too. Add to that Gary Harris, Kevin Ferrell, McGary and the rest of Indiana's recruits and the Big Ten is going to be loaded for the next few years. Should go on nice little run of being the best regular season conference.

                Be nice if they started converting all these Final 4 apperances into a few Nat'l titles.
                The Lions went 11-5 in 2014


                • Shot selection is an issue I have with Hardaway Jr. too, I hope/expect he'll take less jumpers with a man in his face...

                  Hardaway made quite a bit of those his freshman year but this season they really dragged down his overall 3pt %. When he was setup behind the 3-pt line and was assisted a pass, he was a terrific 3-pt shooter; when he was dripping behind the 3-pt line with a defender in his face and launched a 3-pt attempt, he'd make 1 in maybe 8.


                  • Supposedly, PG Nino Jackson (rivals #46) is now being recruited by Michigan and that Jackson has shown some interest.

                    Also, an unranked PG, Spike Albrecht is visiting A2 tomorrow.
                    Last edited by *JD*; April 4th, 2012, 08:55 PM.


                    • [ame=""]Joe Edmonds vs Nino Jackson - YouTube[/ame]


                      • [ame=""]Spike Albrecht '12 highlights! - YouTube[/ame]


                        • I've read rumors that Nino Jackson is a bit of a character problem. I don't know the facts but I thought that might be worth noting. Coach Beilein seems to have consistently had strong character guys on all of his teams at Michigan (Sims, Novak, Morris, Stu, Burke, Morgan, etc.)


                          • Seems he's not much of a PG, either. Ball dominator. Dunno how that flies given there are bigs and wings that need the ball delivered to them in scoring position next year. But if JB wants him I'd trust his judgment.


                            • Where have you seen that we're recruiting him JD? Haven't seen that nor believe that we would.


                              • There is a pic of Burke's dorm room on mgoblog. It's "packed up" in traditional college fashion. Meaning full of trash bags. Also one of the hockey players tweeted that Burke hasn't been in class the last month.

                                He's gone.