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Coronavirus Safety Protocol - please read and discuss

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  • Politics: Coronavirus Safety Protocol - please read and discuss


    Everyone WASH your hands.

    Use lotion to keep skin from drying.

    Washing hands?????????????????

    1. Most times you'll not be using automatic hand dryers, so ready your paper towel before you begin washing your hands.

    2. Start the water and wash hands for at least 20 seconds.

    3. Rinse hands AND DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING

    4. Dry your hands on the paper towel

    1. cut off the water,
    2. wipe anything else you touched and
    3. to open any door.

    5.Throw away the paper towel.

    Your hands are now clean.

    * Most people recontaminate their hands by touching the water handle(s), door, counter and/or the paper towel handle/holder.

    Please pass this on and be careful my friends ????????????????????

    Use lotion -
    Your skin is one of your body's defenses against disease and contamination. When the skin gets dry, you are more susceptible to disease and contamination. And using hand sanitizers will tend to dry your skin if used frequently from the alcohol in this product.

    *Do not let that stop you from using them though.

    Right now you can get your lotion for $1 at the Dollar store.

    Stop shaking hands.

    You didn't think it would be simple did you? We're programmed to shake hands, fist bumps, hugs, etc... It's a salutation people, that doesn't mean it has to be done with physical contact.

    I think I'm going to start using the Vulcan hand gesture of "Live Long And Prosper"

    Also (I can not stress this enough): Do NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE UNLESS YOU JUST CLEANED THEM.

    I didn't realize how much I touched my face until this. It's a *habit we're just going to work hard to break.

    * The Human Element is that one day you are going to fail with this. The key is minimizing how often you do.

    Be safe and careful my friends. This COVID-19 can be scary and if not contained, it could contaminate a larger portion of our communities. But there are strategies to minimize exposure and give you peace of mind.

    Trickalicious - I don't think it is fair that the division rivals get to play the Lions twice. The Lions NEVER get to play the Lions, let alone twice.

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    AAL 2018 & 2019 - Teez Tabor


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      HUGE OVER REACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO LIONS "20" !!

      Take us to the promised land Matthew.


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        It's already a Pandemic. Without containment and using methods to slow or contain it, we could be looking at an Epidemic in a matter of days. Not weeks or months, but days.

        If it is an over reaction? Fine. But we're here to whine, bitch and laugh about it. If you're wrong....

        BTW, everything I wrote above, you should be doing anyway. THIS is not the only contaminate out there.

        It's sad it had to come to this for people to start washing their dam hands. Nasty AF
        Trickalicious - I don't think it is fair that the division rivals get to play the Lions twice. The Lions NEVER get to play the Lions, let alone twice.


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          It's not a time to fret or panic.

          We just need to be diligent and take small measures. That's all.
          Trickalicious - I don't think it is fair that the division rivals get to play the Lions twice. The Lions NEVER get to play the Lions, let alone twice.


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              I live in California specifically Santa Clara county. We have 48 confirmed cases here just in the county (200+ in California). For comparison sake, Colorado is the 5th most infected state and they only have 34 cases (numbers I got from the first site I clicked on for updates).

              Right now most companies have already made people work from home. My company is gearing up for it and should be there soon. Streets are dead in the morning and my 1 hour commute has been cut to 30 minutes. Schools have been shut down, most events have been cancelled, and pretty much everyone is avoiding being outside as much as possible.

              I figure most people here live in the Michigan area from being Lions fans. But being from California it went from no big deal a week or 2 ago to now everyone over here preparing like its doomsday. And the feeling over here is that it's really only going to get worse.


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                The guy on the right tested positive. Donnie may be screwed being old and fat.


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                  I go on Spring Break for two weeks as of 3/20. I'm guessing they cancel school next week through the end of break.


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                    They just canceled ALL travel at my firm, and instructed everyone who is not at home this week to return home this weekend and stay there,


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                      Dogs rule.


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                        Dogs rule.


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                          Donovan Mitchell tested positive...

                          I saw something on Sportscenter where Wood checked Gobert 63 times when they play the other day.


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                            #BREAKING The NBA basketball player with coronavirus, Rudy Gobert, stayed here at the Westin Book Cadillac hotel this weekend in Detroit. @WWJ950 @FOX2News #Covid_19 #NBAsuspended #rudygobert #CoronaVirusUpdate #cornoravirus @DetroitPistons @utahjazz


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                              The economic collapse is what does us in. Most won't have a job or income in a month. The broke government can't bail everyone out. I think the world is a month away from a major reboot and some very difficult times.