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M-Borg vs. THE Flavortown U Thread, Orig. by Buckeye Paul, absconded w/by talent.

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  • Originally posted by Jeff Buchanan View Post
    Good God, man ......

    It is true that osu owned Michigan football for nearly a decade after Michigan owned osu before that for about the same time period.

    But, in a similar circumstances, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson owned the title of the World's fastest man. He beat USA competitor for that title, Carl Lewis, with regularity and brought glory to Canada, the country he represented in setting some impressive 100m times, in the process.

    But, lo, it was discovered later that Johnson cheated by using performance enhancing drugs and famously was stripped of all his Gold and most of his glory after that finding. He drifted into anonymity after trying to mount honest comebacks but his body wasn't up to it.

    Will this be the fate of osu? Possibly not, because it seems it pays to cheat in NCAA sanctioned CFB.

    Too bad.

    But no one connected to Michigan football will forget jim tressel and his dishonesty. As hard as those connected to osu football will try to make everyone forget the truth, the truth is that the near decade during which jim tressel and osu football dominated M was scandalously rife with cheating, subterfuge and lying.

    Remember the (USS) Main?

    Remember the Alamo?

    Remember osu! ........ and jim tressel's tainted 9 seasons there from 2001 to his departure in May of 2011.
    1) The name of the ship was the USS Maine

    2) Tressel coached for 10 seasons, oh wise Michigan Man

    3) Tressel will go into the College HOF one day as one of its most accomplished inductees. Five national titles. A glorious career, a loving family, countless thousands of friends and well-wishers....

    Your existence next to his is that of a weasel next to a lion.

    May God have mercy on your dark soul


    • Originally posted by madootra View Post
      Is projection a skill that's inbred in Ohioans? Tell us, what is your motive for posting here? 'Cuz you just adore the company?
      Missionary work


      • I said.....not benign.


        • I'm an intellectually curious person. I want a variety of opinion. And It's more fun to discuss things with people who have a different perspective rather than sit around like Bill Swerski's Superfans, reconfirming each other's closed-minded opinions.


          • Sports Fanaticism, to me, isn't like Politics.....where opposing viewpoints are rooted in intellectual differences......this is a Rah-Rah, my team is better than yours.....type of thing. Which is, frankly, the sole reason you guys come far as I can tell. But, like many things, just because I don't understand it, doesn't make it wrong. Carry on. FWIW, you do have an interesting take on things other than your unfortunate choice of college football teams.


            • Forgot to mention it yesterday but it looks like our Spring Game will probably be in Cincinnati next year



              • Regal Buck & Heater were obvious, DSL & Talent are more subtle. Whatever happened to Paul S. ?
                ?I don?t take vacations. I don?t get sick. I don?t observe major holidays. I?m a jackhammer.?


                • June 23, 2012 at 7:42 pm
                  Commentary: Chris Spielman's new book heartwarming -- and heartbreaking

                  Benny Blades~"If you break down this team man for man, we have talent to compare with any team."


                  • One of my favorite Lions, and one of very few Buckeyes I respect.


                    • "I'm an intellectually curious person."

             You're a dumb shit that has no sense of self. Anybody who believes that Tressle will one day make it into the CFB hall of Fame is nothing less than a delusional dumb shit. You either posted this ridiculous crap to try to get a rise from those who are sane in this listserve or you believed such crap. Tressle has as much of a chance of getting into the CFB hall of Fame as does Bobby Bonds have of getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Selection of such an honor is never awarded to outright cheaters. Once again your post only goes to show why people who follow OshitU are not worthy of respect from anyone who has the least iota of intelligence and integrity.


                      • "Forgot to mention it yesterday but it looks like our Spring Game will probably be in Cincinnati next year"

                        And we give a shit because........?


                        • I laughed aloud...


                          • I don't visit sites of our FB rivals and I just wonder if any here here indulge in this sort of thing, at osu or other rival forums.
                            I think it was well over 10 years now, I went in on a ohio forum, and pretty much tried to do what Talent and DSL do here. I think I lasted about 2 days before they banned me. I did the same at a Spartan forum, and lasted about the same amount of time.

                            I don't participate in any of our rivals forums, anywhere.
                            "Some people think when they are standing on 3rd base, that they just hit a triple" -- Jim Harbaugh 2021


                            • Frankly Jamie is a diva or drama queen that never missed an opportunity to feign "moral outrage" whenever it suited him.
                              Jamie was a fiery one that's for sure, to bad he decided to split, but that's the way it goes sometimes (I thought he left over the bar bouncer comments also OP). He called BS on me in the old WC Tiger forum when I told him Bob Probert was one of the best loved athletes that left Detroit.


                              • Jamie's a good guy, but he gets/got too emotional over disagreements.....or percieved slights (Some of you guys are assholes! ;-) ). People tend to forget that it's just an internet chat board.....who really fucking cares.....?